Josh Kempinaire is a 22 year old landscape and outdoors photographer from Wallis, Switzerland. After his graduation, he bought a van to leave his small village to travel to the North Cape in Norway. He bought a camera to document his trip for family and friends but it turned out to be more than that: he fell in love with visual storytelling and creating unique memories to share with the world. Photography made him enjoy the outdoors and discover places he would have never thought about some years ago. He is constantly inspired by the nature all around and when he travels, his camera is always in his hand.

His photography style follows a very clean and unique tone palette, you can often see him confronting humans and nature to show the beauty and its scale of each environment.

Besides that, he is working on a project of capturing glaciers and ice imagery, depicting and showcasing its stunning icy environment. With his work he wants to encourage the protection and conservation of wild places.

Josh is available for travel and photography projects worldwide, feel free to get in touch and ask for a Media Kit here.

Worked for

↟ Volvo


↟ Will & Bear

↟ Atlas Time Co.

↟ Sackscloth & Ashes

↟ My Switzerland

↟ Engadin/St-Moritz


↟ Mammut

↟ Kathmandu

↟ MSTR Watches

↟ Visit Norway 

↟ Triple X Adventures

↟ Rains

↟ 4Vallées

↟ Verbier Promotion

↟ Victorinox

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